On Excellence in Teaching (Leading Edge) by Robert J. Marzano

On Excellence in Teaching (Leading Edge)

Book Title: On Excellence in Teaching (Leading Edge)

Publisher: Solution Tree

ISBN: 193400958X

Author: Robert J. Marzano

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Robert J. Marzano with On Excellence in Teaching (Leading Edge)

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On Excellence in Teaching is the fourth book in the Leading EdgeTM series. The Leading Edge series unites education authorities from around the globe and asks them to confront the important issues that affect teachers and administrators the issues that profoundly impact student success. The experts contributing to this anthology do not prescribe one method to transact change. They embrace the mission, trusting that teachers and administrators the true change leaders will venture to the Leading Edge to embrace the challenges and opportunities that will guarantee the success of their students.
On Excellence in Teaching gathers the opinions and recommendations of the world s best educational researchers, theorists, and professional developers regarding the topic of effective instruction. Given the diversity in expertise and orientation of its contributors, On Excellence in Teaching cuts a wide swath across the domain of instruction.
On Excellence in Teaching provides a comprehensive view of instructional excellence from a theoretical, systemic, and classroom perspective. The fifteen contributors offer a broad range of theories and strategies for effective teaching and learning. Its chapters are organized into three major sections. The first section, Theories of Excellence, focuses on conceptual and theoretical issues that must be considered for effective reform in teaching. The second section, Systemic Excellence, deals with issues and innovations at the district and school levels. The third section, Classroom Excellence, addresses specific practices that teachers can employ to enhance their pedagogical expertise.
The contributors examine such topics as the art and science of instruction, learning styles, conceptual designs for curriculum, teaching higher-order thinking skills, curriculum mapping, differentiating instruction, Understanding by Design, cultivating student appreciation of and commitment to learning, the role of the teacher, how to develop expert teachers, and teacher development of metacognitive control.

Edited by Robert J. Marzano
Contributors: Barrie Bennett, David Berliner, Jere Brophy, Lynn Erickson, Thomas Good, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Jana Marzano, Robert Marzano, Richard Mayer, Jay McTighe, Matthew Perini, Debra Pickering, Harvey Silver, Carol Tomlinson, Grant Wiggins